Sov Replicas 1/72 Y-Wing and Scimitar are now being offered by Skidmarks Diecast Collectibles.

Site Re-Design is complete. On the bench Sov Replicas Y-Wing and Scimitar.

Site Re-Design is progressing.


    I have had this model from Steve Neisen for quite a while.  I did some work on her up front, but like every other project, it took a back seat to my X-Wing. 

First impressions... this model is damn big.  The wings alone are massive and the solid core fuselage adds to the overly impressiveness of the model.  The kit is not overwhelming but parts of it will be more difficult than others.  For those of you that are reading this and thinking of getting one of these kits, you will notice a few differences in my kit and yours.  Mainly, the wings! 

The wings on my TIE do not have the molding that goes around the wings built into the cast.  Steve used to send his kits out with "H" style Plastruct beams to complete your wings.  This is probably going to be the single worst thing about building this model.  Not that it will be overly difficult to do, it will just take more time to build.

As I said, if you are getting one of his newest kits you will not even have to worry about it because the wings are pre-molded for you.  Lucky Bastards!!! :)

Anyways onto the kit pieces.  Out of the box there are the wings, the main fuselage, the cockpit window, the upper hatch and the engine butt cap.  All the other pieces are plastic "T" rods and the dreaded "H" beams.  Here are some pictures of the pieces after the minimal flash was cleaned up off of them.  The last picture shows the "H" beams I refer to.



After cleaning up all the pieces I of course washed them all very well in warm soapy water.  Some of the pieces are very small so I used an old tooth brush to make sure I got in all the nooks and cranny's.  The wings are where the tooth brush will come in most handy.

Once the pieces were clean and dried I started assembly and painting.  In these next pictures you can see I fit the laser canons and have already painted the fuselage and all the other main pieces.


**NOTE** It has been brought to my attention that I have made a mistake in the placement of some of the fuselage details.  Steve PM'ed me telling me I had the placement wrong on the two parts that are on either side of the cockpit canopy. Basically put the cockpit window on and the front of the side detail piece should touch it. Here is an image showing where they should be and note where I put mine.......Hey everyone makes mistakes.

Just to tell you who you are buying from with this kit.  Steve PM'ed me again telling me to cut the details above off and sand the hull and he is sending me replacement parts for FREE.  I have to say it is comforting to know that the model builders out there will take care of you if you make a mistake.  Thanks Steve!

Project Has Been Discontinued

AND I learned a valuable lesson. NEVER and I mean NEVER lean the wings to this model up against your workbench and leave them there. They BEND!!!


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