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My first thought after finishing the Studio Scale Viper was, “Why did that take so long?”  The only answer I can come up with is that I kept taking on projects and leaving others incomplete.  For making you true believers out there wait so long to complete this I am sorry.

 The Studio Scale Viper from JM is an outstanding kit.  It comes with great reference material on the disk and easy to read instructions.  In my opinion to build this model you will only need basic modeling skills.  It really does fall together.  There are some kinks to be worked out but they are so minor that I don’t even count them. 

 I had the bulk of this kit built in about two days and I was taking my time.  The instructions that come with it are very basic and simplistic.  Lucky for us that is all that is needed.  The two areas I would recommend really being careful with are the guns that attach to the port and starboard wings and the alignment of the wings.

 The guns, if not put on correctly, can really give you a headache later on.  The one problem I had, and it was not the kits fault, was the wings.  I was in a hurry, imagine that, and I did not align the starboard wing correctly.  For some reason I never noticed it was askew until after I had put down the base coat and was well into painting the wing markings.

 When I did notice that the wing was crooked I was a little upset but only because I felt stupid for doing it.  Once I got over my anger I carefully broke the wing off and sanded the areas down and re-attached the wing.  Total time to fix this mistake was about 15 minutes.  Not too bad in my opinion.

 Once the model was completely assembled AGAIN, I went to work finishing all the fuselage and wing markings.  During this time I also painted the pilot and cockpit.  Since the release of the kit that I have, JM has added three new pilot sculpts that look fantastic.  He has had Apollo, Boomer and Starbuck heads made for a standard pilot body that is much more detailed than the pilots that originally came with the kits.  All this does is make this kit more appealing.

 After finishing the markings I started on the weathering.  I used pastel chalks and a water wash for the majority of the weathering.  For all the various grease smears, panel highlights etc…., I just used a 50/50 mixture of black Tamiya and Windex. 

 To finish her up I went over the entire model with fine grade steel wool.  This technique, which I learned from Alfred Wong, really makes the model pop.

 So as you can see this model from start to finish is very basic.  It is not going to strain anyone’s modeling abilities.  From novice to pro, everyone can enjoy building this model.

 I would like to thank JM for offering this kit, Jason Eaton for his patience with annoying questions, most of which are not model related and YOU for visiting my site and giving me feedback on my work.

 If you are interested in this kit I would HIGHLY recommend that you purchase one ASAP as JM is going to be taking a break for a while to focus on other projects.  This wonderful model is going to be mothballed for a while so hurry up and get to it.


Aka…Jades Dark Heart

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