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I just got in my MJ Viper and I have to say it is a work of art.  I was giggling like a kid when I opened the box.  The kit comes in a nice presentation box with a picture of the Viper on the front.  In these images you can see the presentation is well done, but once you open the box, that is where your jaw drops to the ground. 


The first thing you see upon opening the box is the instruction sheet, reference CD and the decals.  The instructions are very basic but to the point.  They do a good job outlining the basic construction of the model.  The decal sheet comes with two sets of decals.  Pristine and weathered.  Upon inspection of the kit you can see that allot of care went into the molds to make these as crisp and clean as possible.  Here are some shots of the kit pieces,


The only flaw I was able to find on the entire model was a seam line on the Starboard side behind the cockpit.  It is not bad and took a total of five minutes to fix all together.

The wings and tail fin needed to have holes drilled out in them to accommodate some brass rods.  I went to the hobby shop and picked up some 1/16 brass rod.  Next I drilled holes in the wings and tail fin, then drilled the corresponding holes in the fuselage.


In these last two shots you can see the wings and tail fins dry-fitted to the fuselage.  At the present time all parts are cleaned, drilled, prepped etc... and I only have about thirty five minutes of work in the kit. Gotta love a kit that was made to fall together.


Got home from work tonight and started working on the Viper again.  I dry fit the canons to the wings and then using CA permanently connected them.  I also connected the main fuselage to the secondary engine section, again using CA.  Next as the instructions say to do I made a 9/16 block of wood to set the model on to get the wings at the correct angle.  I dry fit the wings again and once I felt I had the wings lined up correctly used CA to glue them in place. 

In hindsight I was in a rush to get the main assembly done and I should have waited to connect the wings until the areas behind the guns were painted.  This really will not be much of a problem but I should have paid more attention.

So, I now have a grand total of an hour and ten minutes into the building of this model.  As you can see from the pictures the main assembly is DONE!  All that is left to do is to prime her and start painting.  I will be painting the pilot, canopy and the cockpit separately from the main body and installing them last.  Ran out of Plastikote primer so the pictures are still only of the resin pieces.  Will be heading to Pep Boys tomorrow to pick up some more.  Here are the pictures of the main assembly.


Main assembly is now done, and I was able to stop by Pep Boys and get some Plastikote primer.  I gave her a real quick once over with the primer and let her sit overnight.  The next day I was able to find some pin holes in the fuselage that the primer had eaten out.  A little Bondo Glazing putty and they were easily taken care of. 

At this point the only two areas I have had any problems with was the area on the starboard side behind the cockpit and the seam line where the two main fuselage pieces come together.  As you can see in these pics I used some bondo glazing putty to smooth it out as well as sealing the gap between the wings, tail fin and the fuselage.


Once again she gets a thorough coating of primer and as you can see from these pictures she is ready for paint :)


Now is where the great source material that comes on the CD ROM comes in handy.  It is time to start painting.  I chose to go with my old favorite Camouflage Grey.  I gave her two coats of Camo Grey and she does not so much as have a hiccup in the paint job.  Once she dried for at least 24 hours I then started masking off areas and adding the color variations. 


For the light grey areas I am using Tamiya Metallic Grey.  The darker color area by the cockpit is actually Tamiya bronze but it went on way too dark. I will be continuing with this to get all the color variations done.  I will most likely not do too many more, and will instead try to use weathering techniques for the rest of the ship.  As you can see from the last picture below she is very smooth :)


Added some additional fuselage details and gave the model a thorough coating of Future.  I am going to put the decals on next and then start the weathering.  It has been humid lately so I have no been painting, but now it is dry and hot I am back in action.  Here are three new pics.


More detail painting done.  Started painting the Orange stripes :)  Fun Fun Fun masking Fun!


It has been a while since I update this page.  Was in the middle of moving and selling our old house.  It was taking all of my time.  Now that it is done I have had more free time.  I recently created some wing marker templates for the CC-Wing and decided to do the same for the MJ Viper.  The template is for the markings that go on the wings, engines and upper dorsal area.  The templates are available in PSD or JPG format, just click on whichever one you prefer.  They are scaled to fit and will need some minor trimming around the surface greeblies on the wings and engines.

Below is a sample of what the templates look like.  I hope they help you guys out.

Well I had to break one of my wings off in order to re-align it.  The gun was slightly off and I do not want to half ass this model.  Here are some pics of my severed wing.


It has been quite a while since my last update on this project and I am ashamed of how long this model has sat untouched.  However, today I decided to work on nothing but my Viper.  Using my templates above I cut out some paint masks from Frisket and went to town painting all the remaining wing markings.  There is a little over spray that will need to be cleaned up as the frisket paper was not sticking well for some reason.  In the pictures below you will also see that I have painted the cockpit and the pilot figure and they are now installed. 


The next two pictures are of the base and the wing that I had to re-align and re-attach.  The picture on the left shows the repair job I did after I had to break the wing off (see update above).  So having gotten the wing in the correct position this time, I used my new favorite putty by Aves to fill in the gap.  The Aves takes about 24 to fully cure but it is a far superior gap filler than the bondo glazing putty I was using before.  If you are interested in buying this product, it can be purchased from the Starship Modeler Store.  Once the putty is dry tomorrow I will be touching up some areas on the model and then start the weathering of this beauty.



In two days time I have almost completed this model.  Last night I decided to touch up some of the base coat areas that had somehow gotten some overspray.  I masked off all the orange stripes and went to town.


This morning I started on the weathering.  I had laid down a coat of Future last night after touching up the model so it was ready to go this morning.  I started off using artist pastels in black and burnt umber colors.  I was very liberal with it over the entire model.  Once I had it on there I went over the entire model with a damp wash cloth to pick up most of the chalk off the main areas.  This leaves it in all the nooks and crannies and you start to see the model coming together.

Once I was done with this I laid down another coat of Future to seal in the pastels.  Next I did a wash on the model.  I decided to use a water wash instead of oils to start.  Since I was using a water wash I knew it would not hurt the future finish so I started on it immediately.  Doing a wash is not rocket science, and all I did was mix some black acrylic paint with water.  Once I had a good consistency I started highlighting all the recessed areas and panel lines.  I may still do a oil wash but I doubt it as the water wash came out looking really nice.

I let this dry for a few minutes and then went over the entire model with fine grade steel wool.  this cleans off the wash from raised areas and really makes the model pop.

All that is left to do is seal in the wash with another coat of future and do some select airbrushing in certain areas.  I will have this model done in the next few days.  It has also come to my attention that Jesse will not be selling these for a while so you better get one while they are still available.  Here are the pics after the pastels and the water wash.




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