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Comms Unit

     Arguably the best Science Fiction Show ever, Farscape had it all.  I miss this show allot and was devastated when it got cancelled.  During the course of my tenure at the RPF I have collected a few Farscape items.  Probably my most favorite piece is my comms unit.  I got this from a guy who goes by the call sign "Pilot" on some forum boards.  He sent me about 4 or 5 of these for free.  He claimed  they were bad pulls, but I could not see anything wrong with them.  I built them all and gave them away to friends of mine that loved the show as well.  I kept 2 of them.  What makes this such a special piece to me is that I had NEVER used an airbrush before.  I got it for Christmas to help me in painting my Captain Cardboard X-Wing, and wanted to test it out. 

     I think they turned out great and these pictures do not do them justice.  Not bad for a first timer.


Pulse Pistol Coming Soon

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