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What can you say  about the Peacekeeper Prowler from Farscape. One of the most original and badass ships to be created in a long time.  The pride of Ex-Peacekeeper Aeryn Sun, this model has classic lines, needed very little clean up and had absolutely no air bubbles to speak of.  I purchased this model in early 2004 and although it is still not finished, primed and ready for paint, it is one of my favorite models. 

    The kit came with several display options, flight mode, landing mode, weapon's pods deployed and weapons pods in landing position.  I chose the in flight build, but with the weapon's pods in the non-deployed station.  This kit is resin and is one of the more affordable kits out there.  If you get the chance to buy one it is well worth the price. 

     The Maker of this great kit has graciously allowed me to put up a link to his site, so anyone interested in this kit can contact him.  His name is Kip "Howling Wolf" Hart and you can email him Here  If you would like to check out his webpage where he has this kit and others, please click on this Link

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