Sov Replicas 1/72 Y-Wing and Scimitar are now being offered by Skidmarks Diecast Collectibles.

Site Re-Design is complete. On the bench Sov Replicas Y-Wing and Scimitar.

Site Re-Design is progressing.

    This model is INCREDIBLE!  It is small to be sure, about 7 inches long from bow to stern, but incredibly accurate..  What you can't get from the images is how perfectly this model is engineered.  Every piece goes together and lines up perfectly.  It took me literally 4 days of on and off work to finish this model.  The decals are a little tricky because some of them are very tiny. 

     Once finished I damn near bought another one just to do Wedge's fighter Red 2.  However, I decided one X-Wing was enough to help me finish my SS X-Wing, so instead of buying another X-Wing, I bought the Fine Molds Tie Fighter instead. 

     All I can say is if you are looking for a fun, accurate and low difficulty model to build you cannot go wrong with this model. It is only available from select LHS, internet stores and eBay, but it is well worth the $30 bucks or so you will spend on it.  If you are on the fence already, BUY IT!

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