Sov Replicas 1/72 Y-Wing and Scimitar are now being offered by Skidmarks Diecast Collectibles.

Site Re-Design is complete. On the bench Sov Replicas Y-Wing and Scimitar.

Site Re-Design is progressing.

These are mastered from laser cut acrylic to match some of the most widely known examples of the screen used Death Star surface panels. These were mastered by me and each tile is 6 inches by 6 inches square. The tiles are modular and are most commonly used in a four, six or nine panel configuration. A 9 tile configuration will make a base 18 X 18 inches.

Panels are for sale, please email me for pricing.  If you are a member of the RPF or SSM please tell me so in the email.

I am now taking orders on these. Please keep in mind that these will be cast in resin as orders are received, so it can take up to two weeks to receive.

Please Note when ordering more than four please specify which tile you want more of.

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