Sov Replicas 1/72 Y-Wing and Scimitar are now being offered by Skidmarks Diecast Collectibles.

Site Re-Design is complete. On the bench Sov Replicas Y-Wing and Scimitar.

Site Re-Design is progressing.


When I bought my Captain Cardboard X-Wing, I knew I was going to need a model to work on when I was in a rut.  The Defiant seemed the perfect choice.  This model although very simplistic, was not well crafted and has taken some love and care to get her to where she is today.

The Defiant has a Don's Light and Magic Conversion Kit, and is lit using fourteen super bright LEDs being fed by a 12V power supply.  The one thing I wanted to do but did not incorporate is blinking navigation lights.

As I mentioned earlier, this model has been a challenge.  The upper and lower body pieces do NOT match up well at all.  And add injury to insult that I added allot of LEDs and fiber optic cable made a bad situation worse.  However, in the end I am very happy with her progress so far.  With the addition of the DLM kit and a Northstar bridge cap, she is much more accurate then she was out of the box.

The inside of the model was painted flat black, and then a coat of flat white was added on top.  Several layers of Future later, and the inside of the model is super shiny and transmits the light very well.  All the windows you see were drilled out and fiber optic cabling was put in.  The fiber was then run to two white LEDs to transmit the light.  The colored navigation lights each go to a red and a green LED, and the DLM parts are all illuminated by a single colored LED each.  She is still a work in progress but again, I am very happy with her so far.


This project is one of those that always gets put on the back burner.  I am about to cut the ship back open to redo some of the HORRENDOUS wiring that I did originally.  Once I do that I hope to get this model finished.  Or at the very least back on track...



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